Two-Bits Rally

Two-Bits Rally

An 6-hour Introduction
to 24-hour Motorcycle Rallies

July 201?

Start: Littleton, Colorado
Finish: Salida, Colorado

No TBR in 2014.
For first-time rally riders, try one of the many other rallies being held in the West.

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  Two-Bits Rally 24-hour Rally
Length of rally 6-8 hours 24 hours
Length of base route about 333 miles about 1000 miles
Night-time riding your choice yes
Cost zero $-$$$
Rally check-in no yes
Odometer check no usually
Riders' meeting no yes
Bonus listing yes yes
Bonii off base route maybe maybe
Bonii off base route on gravel roads maybe maybe
Progressive bonii maybe maybe
Time to plan ride yes yes
Polaroid or digital camera required no usually
GPS required optional sometimes
SPOT satellite tracker optional maybe
Laptop and map software your choice your choice
Checkpoint(s) no usually
Penalty period at end of rally yes usually
Results posted at end of rally yes yes
Bonus listings returned to riders yes maybe
Door prizes no usually
T-shirt no usually
Hat no usually
Pin maybe usually
Banquet RTEs usually
Curvey roads in the Rockies yes maybe
Continental Divide passes near or on base route yes maybe
Challenging yes yes
Fun yes yes

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